Lefkada Holiday Planner

Lefkada Holiday Planner

Lefkada Holiday Planner is an innovative company whose goal is to offer a unique and authentic holiday experience on the beautiful island of Lefkada. Lefkada Holiday Planner was born through the personal experience of the Founder and Managing Director of the company, Nicholas Goumas.

Brought up in Athens and spending his summer season’s on the beautiful islands of Kythnos and Samos, he was introduced and experienced the needs of tourism and how Greek hospitality can turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience. Following this experience, Nicholas spent 4 years in England finishing his studies at Demontfort University in Leicester with a BA Honours Degree in Accounting and Finance. During his stay in England, Nicholas had a vast range of friends from every corner of the globe giving him an insight into a multi-cultural experience where he was able to understand the unique needs of many of his friends.

All these life lessons were implemented into Lefkada Holiday Planner making it possible to execute many innovative experiences with excellence in customer service at the forefront. Nicholas is rewarded daily for his services and courage to try something new and innovative, with smiles of gratitude from many visitors to the island of Lefkada.

“What fills me and motivates me to keep on creating new experiences and activities to add to our portfolio, is the feeling of joy when l read the feedback and comments of satisfied guests having lived the true and authentic beauty of Lefkada through the guidance of Lefkada Holiday Planner. ” Nicholas Goumas



Νικιάνα, Λευκάδα

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