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standard-title The town of Lefkada nowadays

The town of Lefkada nowadays

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Aerial photograph of the town of Lefkada – Photograph by the “Daedalus” Flying Club of Athens

Wandering around the town of Lefkada can convince the guests that this is about a place of significant past, history and civilisation.

At the same time it shows the guest that it has all the features necessary to a modern vacation resort and it offers many lodging, entertainment and leisure alternatives that place the island among the most popular destinations in Greece.

The town and the island has many lodging options, both hotels and rooms to rent, for the guests to choose from. In addition, most hotels of the town and of the main tourist resorts of the island are open all year long providing high quality services.

Η κεντρική αγορά της Λευκάδας

The Central Market Street of Lefkada – Photograph by Iraklis Milas.

The town and the island of Lefkada in general provide an organised network of tourist services that can offer comfortable and unforgettable vacations. Travel agencies, car and bike rental services, yachting services that can either rent you a boat or organise a daily cruise, restaurants, taverns, stores that are open all day long and, generally, all the catering, entertainment and leisure enterprises create the right environment with events that cover the whole wide spectrum of music, taste and spectacles, from early in the morning until late at night.

Το διοικητήριο της Λευκάδας

The Municipality Headquarters in the town of Lefkada

The public services of the town are always in readiness and operate flawlessly, preventing and resolving any kind of issues concerning the guests of the island.

There are also many active art and culture organisations in the town, both private and public, that offer a rich artistic agenda of concerts, theatrical performances, festivals, exhibitions of all kinds, book presentations and open discussions that are innovative and qualitative.

The town has many concert halls and event venues.

Η αίθουσα συναυλιών της Φιλαρμονικής Εταιρίας Λευκάδας

The concert hall of the Philharmonic Society of Lefkada.

The Marina of Lefkada, on the East Coast of the town, is one the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean Sea. It opened in 2002 and holds 620 berths while the infrastructure works, the installations, the hospitality and the services provided are all at a very high level, and therefore can satisfy even the most demanding guests. The Marina is open all year long.

Η Μαρίνα της Λευκάδας

The Marina of Lefkada – Photograph by “Daedalus” Flying Club of Athens

Sport activities and events are also very common and popular in the town. The beach of “Mili”, very close to the town, attracts kite-surfers from all over the world.

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