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post-title Scorpios island – Lefkada

Scorpios island – Lefkada

Scorpios island – Lefkada

Scorpios island – Lefkada

Skorpios, Skorpidi and Sparti are three small islands north of the island of Meganisi, between the island of Lefkada and the mainland of Greece.

At the harbor of Nydri village in Lefkada island there is today a bronze statue of Aristotelis Onassis (20 January 1906 – 15 March 1975) who was a Greek shipping magnate, who amassed the world’s largest privately owned shipping fleet and was one of the world’s richest and most famous men.

Skorpios is also known as the island of Onassis. Skorpios is a green and wooded island. The highest point is 81 meters.

In the 60’s the island of Skorpios was bought by the Greek businessman and shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis (1906-1975).

He was known for his business success, his great wealth and also his personal life, including his marriage to Athina Mary Livanos (daughter of shipping tycoon Stavros G. Livanos); his affair with famous opera singer Maria Callas; and his 1968 marriage to Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of American President John F. Kennedy.

In October 20, 1968, in Scorpios island, Aristotle Onassis married Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy, widow of the assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis bought the island of Skorpios in 1962 for just 3.5 million drachmas, the equivalent of about £10,000 (€11,720).

It took five years for the resettlement of the forested island without water and electricity. From the mainland brought thousands of trees and plants.

Aristotle Onassis, piped in utilities, imported sand, planted over 200 varieties of trees. He also built a family compound that includes three residences, a helicopter pad and a boat quay. He built harbour facilities in the bay on the north side for his beloved yacht “Christina”.

Aristotle Onassis (1906 – 1975), his son Alexander Onassis ( 1948 – 1973), and his daughter Christina Onassis (1950 – 1988) are all buried on the island.

The chapel that house the Onassis’ family tombs remains on the island as a reminder of its past according to the Greek shipping magnet’s last will.

For the next 100 years Aristotle Onassis’ private paradise will be leased to Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

Specially trained French and American bodyguards, with special high-tech equipment, guard the island 24 hours a day.

Skorpios Island, is a private island in the Ionian Sea. It is just off the western coast of Greece, to the east of the island of Lefkada. From barren rock to a Beautiful Island, spanning 74 acres. From barren rock to a Beautiful Island, spanning 74 acres.

he Greek island of Skorpios, a pearl of the Ionian Sea off the coast of Greece. Reaching the Scorpios islet and endless camera clicks are on the air!

It’s doubtful that the new owners will be able to regain the glamour the island used to possess with Onassis. A Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev bought island with the Aristotle Onassis’ tomb for €120 million euros.

Natural beauty, magic, legend, myth and much more… Whatever hands are changed, Scorpios island will always live under the shadow of Aristotle Onassis myth. The Onassis saga remains high on the all-time list of real-life success stories, though it is not strictly a rags-to-riches tale.

Boat trips from Nydri to one or more of Lefkada’s satellite islands, are very popular. From the time Skorpios Island was sold to Rybolovlev, the whole area has become a forbidden zone for tourists. With the exception of this little rocky small beach allowed for visitors. Being private property, you can’t land and explore Skorpios unfortunately. But there is a limited opportunity for us mere mortals to swim close to the islet.

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