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Permanent Exhibitions

The Lefkadian Municipal Art Gallery

Τμήμα της Λευκαδιακής Πινακοθήκης

Part of the Lefkadian Municipal Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is housed at the Cultural Centre of Lefkada since 2010, in an area of 170 square metres and consists of a ground level and an upper level section. It presents works of Lefkadian, Greek and international artists. You can download the album of the Lefkadian Municipal Art Gallery here.

A. Sikelianou str. and 1, Svoronou str., Lefkada
Information: Τel: +302645022620, Φax: +302645026715

Collection of Post-Byzantine Icons

vivliothiki-agiografies copy

The collection is housed in the first floor of the Public Library’s building, at 11, Rontogiannis Street, at the Marka Square. It hosts icons of Eptanesian style, created by important iconographers such as Doxaras, Patsaras, Roussos, Ventouras, Gazis and many more. There are also icons of Russian Art. The exhibits came from ruined monasteries and churches of the island as well as from private collections. In this exhibition you can also see liturgical vestments, books and other relics from the 16th century on.

Visiting hours:
Tuesday 11.00 – 19.00
Wednesday to Friday: 08.30 – 14.30
Saturday: 08.30 – 13.30
Entrance is free of charge.

Tel: 2645022502
Fax: 2645021047
E-mail: vivlefk@sch.gr & mail@vivl-lefkad.lef.sch.gr
Website: lefkaslibrary.gr

Hall of Takis Efstathiou

Άποψη της Αίθουσας Τάκη Ευσταθίου

View of the Takis Efstathiou Hall

It is a hall on the ground floor of the Cultural Centre of Lefkada, dedicated to the collector Takis Efstathiou who donated pieces of his collection in order to contribute to the creation of the Historical Centre of Lafcadio Hearn at the same location.

The hall hosts paintings of great Japanese artists like S, Guanda and Maasaki Noda. Furthermore, there is a shirt hand-painted by Masaaki Noda. The collector also donated to the Cultural Centre two silkscreen prints by Stamos and one by Chrysa, silkscreen prints by the Greek sculptor Theodoros and one of Lekkakis. There are also many culture and art books about the works of Lafcadio Hearn, posters etc.

A. Sikelianou str. and 1, Svoronou str., Lefkada
Information: tel: +302645026635, +302645026715, fax: +302645026715

Trienale of Micro Engraving and Ex Libris

Η αίθουσα Χαρακτικής Μικρού Μεγέθους και Ex-Libris

The hall of Micro Engraving and Ex Libris

A special and almost unknown form of art for the Greek public was presented by the Cultural Centre of Lefkada in 2005 and 2008 through the organising of the International Trienale of Micro Engraving and Ex Libris. It is about high quality modern micro engraving ex-libris.

The founding actors of this effort were the Cultural Centre of Lefkada, the Lefkadian engraver Giannis Gourzis, the art lover and collector Vassilis Zevgolis and the painter Konstantinos Glenis.

The main theme of the First Trienale Ex Libris was “BOOK”. The motivation of this event was the collection of 40000 publications about Lefkada that is located at the Charamogleios Special Lefkadian Library of the Municipality of Lefkada.

The main theme of the Second Trienale Ex Libris was “MUSIC”. 296 engravers from 37 countries responded to the call of the Cultural Centre of Lefkada with 566 works of art. The exhibition committee, consisting of Mihalis Arfaras (engraver, professor at the School of Fine Arts of Athens), Kati Mahrt (engraver, professor at the University of Hildesheim in Germany), Dimitris Pavlopoulos (art historian, assistant professor at the University of Athens) Vassilis Zevgolis (collector ex-libris, biochemist) selected 475 ex-libris by 247 artists from 31 countries.

The art works are now in display at the Cultural Centre of Lefkada.

Download here the digital form of the album that concerns to the Ex Libris exhibitions.

Fritz Berger’s Photography Exhibition

Επίσκεψη μαθητών στην έκθεση φωτογραφιών του Fritz Berger

Students visit the Fritz Berger’s Photography Exhibition

Fritz Berger was a member of the Swiss division of the International Christian Peace Service (CFD) as a gardener and took part, along with other volunteers, in the help program that was carried out at the villages of south-eastern Lefkada during the period 1962-1972.

The program concerned the settlements of Agios Petros, Komilio, Hortata and other villages. The volunteers of the organisation (nursers, teachers, farmers, builders etc) helped the villagers improve their living conditions based on their connection with the land and the traditional crafts, teaching them new ways of cultivation and techniques, while they were also taking care of the people’s health, education and entertainment.

Fritz Berger with his photographic camera recorded moments of everyday life, work and rest of the local people as well as landscapes of the island. His photographic archive is a valuable source about that era because it shows us images that most of us had been ignoring.

The photography exhibition is hosted at the atrium of the City Hall of the Lefkada Municipality and was launched in February 2016.

Opening hours: 08.00 – 14.30.
Free entrance.

Painting exhibition dedicated to the Peasant Wedding

The event of the “Re-enactment of the Peasant Wedding” that is considered to be one of the most important cultural happenings in Lefkada, has been taking place continuously since 1979, during the first weekend of August in Karya. In 1954 the “Re-enactment of the Peasant Wedding” was held for the first time at the central square of Karya. All the customs of the wedding are represented in every detail from the first to the last day. The whole village participates in this major event, which sparked the organisation of the Literature and Art Feasts in Lefkada. This is because Antonis Tzevelekis, the inspirer of the Literature and Art Feasts of Lefkada, was motivated by the idea of the event.

The Peasant Wedding was also an inspiration for the painter and iconographer from Karya, Vasilios H. Katopodis, creator of unique paintings that represent the main parts of the event, such as the “karfomata” (marking of the bride’s trousseau), the “washing of the wool”, the “prozymia” (kneading of the wedding breads), the “loading of the dowry on animals”, portraits of local residents and scenes from the everyday life.

The painting exhibition is held in Room A on the ground floor of the former Elementary School of Karya. It is open daily, but prearrangement is necessary via telephone at +302645041388 and +306972849195

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