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standard-title Nautical Tourism in Lefkada

Nautical Tourism in Lefkada

The island of Lefkada offers to its guests a great variety of activities that have to do with water, the endless blue of the Ionian Sea.

On the vast west coast beaches of wild beauty and on the small hospitable eastern coasts, nautical tourism becomes a meaningful reality on the island that knows well how to creatively entertain its visitors.

Lefkas Marina 


A panoramic view of Lefkas Marina

Since 2002, one of the most modern marinas of the Mediterranean Sea has been operating in the town of Lefkada, with a capacity of 620 berths and high quality services for its customers.

The Marina has all the facilities necessary as well as offices for the rental of boats, a surgery, a Port Police station, a fuel station, a hotel, a conference centre, an event hall that hosts important cultural and other events, restaurants, cafés and a shopping centre. At the same time the Marina is a beautiful place for walks with its small bridges and its gardens, with the view of the yachts and the town of Lefkada.

The services of Lefkas Marina, apart from the yacht mooring and renting, also include technical services such as lifting, launching, maintenance and repair of boats. Lefkas Marina operates all year long.

Lefkas Marina Features

Capacity: 620 berths
Maximum length: 46 metres
Maximum draught: 3.6 metres
Berths for vessels between 25 and 30 metres long: 28
Berths for vessels over 30 metres long: 11
VHF: 69

Facilities and services:

• Electricity • Fresh water • Weather forecast • Incoming mail • Telephone booths • Repairs • Boat parking• Crane • Travelift • Slipway • Diver • Toilettes • Showers • Fuel station • Super market • Restaurants • Cafés • Marine equipment shop • Laundry • Swimming pool • Boat renting • Car and scooter renting • Port police • Reception office • Mobile telephony • Taxi service • Mini bus service• Luggage and equipments storing • Car parking • Wireless internet access • Bars • Shops • Kindergarten • Seaplane base • Hotel • Facility for the disposal of biological and oil waste.

For more information check the website of Lefkas Marina [here].

“Odysseus” Marina in Vathy of Meganisi

Η μαρίνα Μεγανησίου

The marina of Meganisi – Photograph: tripinview.com

It started operating in 2010 and is located at the entrance of the port in Vathy of Meganisi. It has a capacity of 72 berths and provides its guests with high quality services.

It is open 24 hours per day for mooring and sailing off and it offers electricity, fresh water, fuel station, facilities for recycling mineral oils, wireless internet connection, laundry, showers, toilettes, cafés and bars, supplies, catering, super market, vehicle renting services, free transport from and to Meganisi, boat maintenance, guarding service, gym and a shop with maritime equipment and spare parts.

There are also tennis and basketball courts located near the marina.

For more information check the “Odysseus” Marina website [here].

Ports of Lefkada

Το λιμάνι της Νικιάνας από ψηλά

The port of Nikiana from above

Η νοτιοανατολική πλευρά της Λευκάδας, διαθέτει μια σειρά από λιμάνια και φυσικά αγκυροβόλια στα οποία μπορούν ιστιοπλοϊκά και άλλα σκάφη να φιλοξενηθούν με ασφάλεια.

The south-eastern side of Lefkada has a series of ports and natural harbours where yachts and other vessels can safely anchor.

Port of Lygia: A small port with docking facilities, fish taverns and cafés. Nearby you can find grocery stores, drug store and bakeries.

Port of Nikiana: A small port that offers docking facilities, small taverns, cafés and is located close to the centre of the settlement where you can find grocery stores and a drug store to provide you with the essentials as well as an ATM.

Port of Nydri: It is a busy port and a centre for sea activities and water sports. It offers docking facilities, fuel supply and mechanical repairs. Various restaurants and cafeterias are at your disposal. Furthermore, there are shops of all kinds, drugstores and surgeries, as well as a bank and an ATM.

Port of Vlyho: It is located within a closed sheltered bay and is part of the WWF Greece Program “Conservation of the Islands’ Wetlands of Greece” from 2007. At the central part of the port there is a floating pier with mooring berths. At the port there are taverns and cafés, grocery stores and a drugstore. At the entrance of the settlement and at the location of Steno there are small shipyards where boats can be repaired. There are also shower and laundry facilities.

Port of Syvota: It is a port within a closed gulf at the south-eastern edge of the island. It is one of the most favourite destinations. It has a floating pier and shower and laundry facilities. At the port there are taverns and cafeterias, grocery stores and other shops.

Port of Vasiliki: It is the southernmost port of the island, an especially beloved destination that preserves the picturesque characteristics of the village. At this time, there is a new docking area under construction. It offers restaurants, cafés and shops of every kind, drugstore, surgery and ATM. It is also one of the most favourite sites for windsurfers from all over the world.


Ιστιοπλοΐα στην Λευκάδα

Sailing in Lefkada – Photograph: Marios Krokidis

Lefkada with its very interesting coastline that presents a great variety of landscapes, many large and small islands to the east and small coves, is a paradise for those who love sailing. Many of the beaches are only accessible by sea and challenge you to discover and enjoy them. In the marina of the town and in many of the smaller ports such as Nydri, Vlyho, Syvota etc you can rent a sailboat.

Nautical Club of Lefkada

naytikos omilos_new

The Nautical Club of Lefkada was founded in 2003 and is housed within the Marina of Lefkada. The Club runs an Open Sea Sailing School and a Sailing School for Children.

The Nautical Club of Lefkada has been organising every year, since 2011, the “Marinos Zampatis” Open Sea Sailing Race, with participants from all over Greece. The race takes place to the east of the island, from the village of Lygia to the island of Meganisi.

For more information check the Club’s website [here].


Κρουαζιέρα στην Λευκάδα

Cruising in Lefkada

Daily cruises in Lefkada are a favourite activity of many visitors of the island. Through these cruises the guests have the opportunity to get to know the small islands and the coastline of Lefkada.

From the town of Lefkada you can rent a boat for daily or weekly excursions to the island of Lefkada and the surrounding islands.

From Nydri you have a much wider variety of choices because there are many vessels that organise daily cruises or excursions to the nearby islands and the beaches of the western coast, with many itineraries for you to choose the one that suits you.

From Vasiliki you can sail by small boats to the enchanting beaches of Porto Katsiki and Egkremni as well as the small but beautiful strand of Agiofyli.



Lefkada holds one of the top positions in the world when it comes to this amazing water sport. It has one of the ten best locations in the world and of the three best locations in Europe for windsurfing, namely the gulf of Vasiliki on the southern side of the island. Furthermore, the beaches of Myli and Ai Giannis, to the west of the town of Lefkada, attract numerous windsurfers not only from Greece but from all over the world.

There are many windsurfing schools and equipment shops ready to help the athletes and generally those who want to know the secrets of this sport.

The island of Lefkada has hosted twice the Windsurfing Freestyle European Championship (EFPT.net), in 2010 and 2015, in the gulf of Vasiliki and the beach of Ai Giannis, with the participation of hundreds of athletes from all over Europe. There is also a World Water Sports Festival that is organized in the gulf of Vasiliki, though not on an annual basis.


photo: active-photos.com

Photograph: active-photos.com

Kitesurfing is a spectacular surface water sport that combines aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and gymnastics into one extreme sport.

In 1999, a group of Italians discovered that the beach of Myli, to the west of the island’s seat, offered the ideal conditions for kitesurfing. Since then the beach has become an attraction place for the enthusiasts of this extreme sport.


lefkada diving

Diving in Lefkada – Photograph: Fotis Kafetsis

The seabed is a wonderful place to discover and can offer you unique images and experiences. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have experienced guidance and the appropriate equipment. In Lefkada there are organised dive centres located at Vasiliki, Nydri and Nikiana that can provide you with a complete series of diving lessons for both amateurs and professional divers all year long. The members of the dive centres also offer their services voluntarily when it comes to the cleaning of the coasts and the seabed. These cleanup events are often initiated and organised by the local cultural and professional clubs.

Yacht and Boat Renting

Βόλτα με φουσκωτό στα νησάκια της Λευκάδας

A tour with an inflatable boat around the small islands of Lefkada – Photograph: lefkasribs.gr

From the marina of Lefkada, Lygia, Nikiana, Perigiali, Nydri, Vlyho, the beach of Desimi, Syvota and Vasiliki you can rent pleasure crafts, with or without a skipper, for cruises to the surrounding islands, or small speedboats for daily sea trips to the nearby beaches and small islands.

More Water Sorts and Activities

Water sports στο Νυδρί

Water sports in Nydri – Photograph: watersportsinlefkada.gr

Just being at the beach is by itself a way of leisure and entertainment. Nevertheless, it is certainly preferable to have a variety of choices for alternative creative activities other than sunbathing.

At Perigiali, Nydri, the beach of Mikrogialos and Vasiliki there are numerous choices for water sports, with the proper equipment and with all the necessary safety measures that will make your time on the beach unforgettable.

You can exercise your water skiing and kitesurfing skills, take windsurfing and diving lessons and have hours of fun with inflatable water toys like fly-fish, tubes, banana, crazy-sofa, big mable etc.

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