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My Lefkada Chef


From left to right: Theodora Manolitsi and Olga Manolitsi

My Lefkada Chef is an internet television programme about the cuisine of Lefkada, a record of traditional Lefkadian recipes through the love and enthusiasm of two women, Theodora and Olga Manolitsi, for their island and its tastes.

It is the first and only cooking programme of the island, with about seventy episodes. The first episode was broadcasted on the internet in May 2012 with the purpose to promote the flavours of Lefkada throughout the world. This was, anyway, the original idea behind this initiative, namely the need to preserve and pass the culinary treasure of the island on to the younger generation.

The use of pure products from the Lefkadian land, the little cooking secrets, the love of Olga and Theodora for what they do and their sense of humour made the show into a beloved habit not only for the locals but also for many people outside the island.

So, enjoy this feast of colours, aromas and flavours from Lefkada!

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