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Meganisi Island

Meganisi is located southeast of the island of Lefkada and is the biggest of the Tilevoides Islands, with a fjordlike coastline.

There are three settlements on the island.

Vathy is a tradidional fishing village with a picturesque port that has developed into a tourist resort and a favourite harbouring spot for yachts. Spartohori is built high above, with traditional houses, narrow streets and an amazing view. Through a green covered path, which hides its way into the Cyclops’s Cave, you can reach the settlement Spilia that serves as a port for Spartohori. Finally, Katomeri is also a traditional village built on a hill with a view of the gulf of Atherinos.

The island still preserves its traditional characteristics with beautiful stone houses, picturesque small ports, old windmills, while it has achieved a great tourist development with modern hotel facilities.

The consecutive closed gulfs hide small beaches such as Spilia, Pasoumaki, Ampelakia, Fanari, Limonari, Elia, Loutrolimni, Mpereta as well as the beach of Ai-Giannis with the homonymous historical small church.

Of special interest is the southern peninsula of the island that ends up at the cape Kefali, with a wild landscape, the old chapel of Agios Grigorios and the caverns of Papanikolis and Giovanis that can be accessed by sea.

The island is daily connected by open-type ferries with Nydri. The trip lasts about 25 minutes and the ferry reaches the ports of Spilia and Vathy.

The island has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age. Its ancient name was Taphos, from Taphios, the son of Hippothoe and Poseidon, while its people, the Taphians, are mentioned in Odyssey as exceptional merchants and mariners. The island follows the historic course of Lefkada until its union with the Greek State in 1864 along with the rest of the Ionian Islands.

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