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Lefkadian Breakfast


The “Greek Breakfast” is a special initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels that began in 2010 with the purpose to enrich the breakfast provided by the Greek hotels with pure Greek products and traditional local viands. This campaign aims at the guests getting to know the wide variety of the Greek gastronomy and taste the wonderful Greek products and foods that are found in the core of the Mediterranean Diet.

Lefkada takes part in this initiative with many of its hotels being involved in the effort of promoting the island’s delicacies, through the Lefkadian breakfast. In the summer of 2014 there was the first presentation of the Lefkadian breakfast at an event on the island by Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Lefkada Hotels Association. In February 2015 the Lefkadian breakfast was presented at the 10th HORECA international exhibition, where it made a very good gastronomic impression.

The island offers many unique products and delicacies that can all be part of the hotels’ breakfast and advance culinary tourism.

The Lefkadian breakfast includes:

  • a variety of traditional pies (orange pie, zucchini pie, greens pie, cheese pie, rice pie)
  • “ladokouloura” (olive oil cookies), rusks, cheese bagels and other pastry goods
  • rice pudding
  • “mpompota” (cornbread)
  • porridge
  • “tiganopsoma” (fried pastries)
  • “pasteli” (sesame seed candy) and “mandolato” (nougat candy)
  • salami and sausages of Lefkada
  • honey
  • homemade marmalades and spoon sweets
  • “soumada” (sweet almond syrup)
  • olives
  • “avgotaraho” (flathead mullet roe) of Lefkada
  • local fruits and vegetables
  • salad with lentils of Egklouvi
  • dairy and eggs
  • traditional “riganada” (oregano dish)
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