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standard-title Other Forms of Tourism in Lefkada

Other Forms of Tourism in Lefkada

Lefkada is an island that, apart from its natural beauty and easy access, offers all the necessary conditions for almost all of the alternative forms of tourism (Sports tourism / Nautical tourism / Religious tourism / Culinary tourism / Educational tourism).

Wedding in Lefkada

Φωτογράφιση νεόνυμφων στο Κάθισμα - Φωτογραφία: fotoeikona.gr

Photo shoot of newlyweds in Miloi Beach- Photograph: fotoeikona.gr

The decision of two people to live together and make their relationship official with a wedding ceremony is a very important move for their life. It is only natural to want to have everything perfectly planned and the event to be unforgettable for both themselves and their guests. For these exact reasons they should choose to have their wedding ceremony in Lefkada.

On this wonderful island they will find:

A series of beautiful baroque churches within the town of Lefkada, on its paved small streets. Churches that will travel them back to older times, among the traditional stone houses of the villages. Unique small chapels, near the sea, on the mountain or within the castle that will add true romanticism to their wedding.

Endless beaches with all the shades of blue and gold, combining harmonically in the best photo shoots of their life. Pine trees and stones, the best background for their portraits. Photo shoots inside the castle that will make the newlyweds feel like princesses and knights. Strolls in the villages or the small streets of the town that will add a special tone on the photographs of these exceptional moments.

And right after the ceremony there is a huge variety of choices for the wedding reception or the wedding party that will make the guests talk about the stunning event and the amazing island of Lefkada for a very long time.

We suggest:

  • The churches of Agios Minas, Eisodia, Agios Nikolaos on the central pedestrian market street of the town of Lefkada.
  • The churches of Panagia Ksenon and Agii Anargyri at the Marka square.
  • The cathedral church of Evaggelistria at the centre of the town of Lefkada.
  • The chapel of Santa Maura inside the homonymous Venetian castle at the entrance of the town.
  • The chapel of Agios Ioannis Antzousis at the homonymous beach west of the town of Lefkada.
  • The chapel of Agia Marina and the historical chapel of Panagia Vlahernon in the plain of the town of Lefkada.
  • The chapel of Agios Nikolaos on the homonymous islet before the entrance of the island.
  • The impressive churches of Kimisi Theotokou and Agios Varvaros in Katouna.
  • The historical chapel of Sotir (the Saviour) in Nikiana.
  • The church of Agios Dimitrios in Alexandros.
  • The church of Agia Paraskevi in Platystoma.
  • The picturesque and much photographed chapel of Agia Kyriaki across Nydri where you can go by boat.
  • The church of Agios Nikolaos in Poros with an amazing view.
  • The chapel of Agios Andreas in Rekatsinata of Karya.
  • The church of Agios Nikitas in the homonymous settlement, right next to the sea.
  • The chapel of Agia Marina on the road from Agios Petros to Komilio.
  • The chapel of Profitis Ilias in Spanohori.

For more information about the procedure of having a wedding on the island you can contact the Wedding Office of the Bishopric of Lefkada and Ithaca at 2645022415 (internal: 2) or check the website http://www.imli.gr/

Conference Tourism

Συνέδριο της ΕΝΠΕ στην Λευκάδα

Congress of the Union of the Greek Regions in Lefkada

The island provides all the high standard facilities that are necessary for the demanding sector of conference tourism.

The conventioneers can attend the works of their conferences in fully equipped facilities and in the same time be guided around the island combining information, education and vacations.

There have been held many conferences and scientific meetings on the island concerning several fields of knowledge.

We can indicatively mention:

  • The 6th Pan-Hellenic and 5th European Scientific and Professional Nurse Congress
  • Conference: “The National Resistance in Lefkada 1941-1944”
  • Conference of the Society of Lefkadian Studies
  • 17th Pan-Hellenic Conference in Statistics
  • 2nd Monasticism Conference
  • 5th Pan-Hellenic Psychiatric Conference in Primary Health Care
  • 7th International Theoretical Physics Conference in the Exact Renormalisation Group
  • 3rd Regular Congress of the Union of the Greek Regions
  • Two-day Events of the Senologic Hellenic Society
  • International Conference dedicated to Wilhelm Dörpfeld
  • Scientific Symposium in the context of the 43rd International Folklore Festival of Lefkada “Folklore and Tradition Today”.
  • 4th European Conference of Computer Music
  • 4th Scientific Event of the Greek College of General Doctors
  • 7th International Pan-Ionian Congress, Lefkada, 2002
  • 4th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Small Islands
  • Scientific Conference “Nikos Svoronos: The Historian, the History and the Didactics of History”
  • Pan-Hellenic Conference ΤΕΟΡΟΣ MLM – YVES ROCHER
  • International Symposium “The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn”
  • Two-day Conference of Medical Imaging
  • Two-day Conference “Presentation of the Development Strategy of the Ionian Islands’ Region for the Primary Sector: Market Growth Opportunities for the Products of the Ionian Land~
  • 3rd Geriatrics Conference in Primary Health Care

Bird Watching

Bird Watching στην Λευκάδα

Bird Watching in Lefkada – Photography: Kostas Soundias

Lefkada has a series of wetlands that constitute migratory stations for many species of birds, such as: common shags, herons (egrets), glossy ibises, western marsh harriers, black-winged stilts, Eurasian coots, common shelducks, mallards and, of course, seagulls and terns, pelicans and swans.

The most important of the wetlands are the lagoons of the town of Lefkada, the saltpans of Alexandros in Karyotes and the gulf of Vlyho.

Watching and photographing birds are recreational activities with many enthusiastic fans. Lefkada provides the guests with this opportunity all year long. The wetlands are easily accessible and people of every age can admire, observe and photograph the flying residents of the waters.

Cultural Paths

Έκθεση ζωγραφικής στην Λευκάδα

Painting exhibition in Lefkada – Photograph: Irini Vonitsanou

There are many cultural events organised in Lefkada, especially during the summer months, with various subjects that arouse the interest of artists and art lovers.

Besides the great cultural events of the summer (Literature and Art Festival, International Folklore Festival, Culinary Festival etc) there are also special thematic events organised by private initiatives.

We can indicatively mention these actions:

The island – resignified. It is a programme of hosting artists with the purpose to create works of art at some the suggested sites or with the participation of people, groups etc. For more information you can visit the programme’s website: www.neion.gr/theisland-resignified.

The Artventure Camp: It is about percussion lessons at selected locations of the broader region of Lefkada combined with outdoor activities.


Τρύγος στην Λευκάδα

Harvesting wine grapes in Lefkada

A big part of the economy of the island of Lefkada is based on agriculture. The local farmers cultivate cereals, olives, legumes and mainly wine grapes.

The farming works take place all tear long and the guests of the island are given the opportunity to observe them to enrich the experiences that they gather during their holidays, combining entertainment and knowledge. Additionally, there is the chance to discover parts of the inland of the island from most suitable people. The people that live and work on this land.

You can contact us for more information.

Educational Tourism

Σχολική επίσκεψη στο ΚΔΑΠ Σφακιωτών

School visit at the Centre of Creative Activities for Children in Sfakiotes

Lefkada is the ideal destination for school excursions. It is suitable all year long and has many options for accommodation, food, entertainment and educational activities. Many schools of all levels, from all over Greece, visit the island for one day excursions or vacations of several days

It is an island very easy to reach, with great history and culture. It has many museums concerning history, folklore and art, libraries and sites of historical and environmental interest that cover all fields of knowledge in all educational levels. Furthermore, it provides both the students and the teachers with the opportunity to have a great time relaxing and enjoying in the town and the rest of the island.

In the village of Sfakiotes there is since 2009 a Centre for the Environmental Education that is mostly visited by elementary and secondary schools from all over Greece. The students attend one-day, two-day or three-day programmes. For more information check http://kpesfakioton.gr/

Moreover, there is a Maritime Museum in Lygia since 1991, located within the building of the Elementary School of the village. The museum can be visited by schools from all of Greece after arrangement with the school management during the whole of the school year.

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