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standard-title Autumn in Lefkada

Autumn in Lefkada

The word “island” usually brings to mind thoughts of beaches, swimming in the sea, and hot summers. However, Lefkada is a vacation resort all year long! It is an island that can impress you with its beauty during all seasons. The summer leaves its last traces on the sand while it fades away into the blue sea. Of course you can still enjoy your swims at the gorgeous beaches of the island, saying goodbye to the summer in the best way. Just around the corner you can slowly see the “melancholic” autumn appearing, bearing all its goods.

And which are these?

Grape harvesting in Lefkada


Winemaking in Lefkada is a tradition thousands of years old. The hillsides and the mountainsides of the island, landscaped with hard labour and mastery, form the famous stone steps, where the lands firmly holds the vineyards and nourishes them like a good mother in order to offer their blessed fruits.

All over the island, from the north to the south, from the east to the west, from the sea shores to the mountaintops, there are vineyards that flourish in autumn. As the folk saying goes “Reap, Harvest, War”. It shows the effort and the labour that are required for this job, although you can hear happy voices everywhere and you can see feasts held out of the blue because grape harvesting is not only hard work but also a celebration.

It would be great if you could visit the island in this season and take part in such a “war”! Everybody will welcome you and you will live an unforgettable experience! Then you can observe the whole procedure at the wineries of Lefkada and get wine for your own feasts.

Excursions in the autumnal nature

mylos egglouvi_new

Windmill in Egklouvi

Autumn is the season of colours almost as much as spring. The paths and the environment are covered with the most delightfully coloured leaves and the dozens of shades of red, orange, brown and green create the most beautiful mosaic.

The heat of the summer has come down and the temperature is perfect for you to meet the beauty of the inland of Lefkada, to walk on the paths, in the forests and on the plateaus, to follow the route of the water in the canyons, to wander around the picturesque villages and enjoy the qualitative hospitality of the locals.



Cheerful plays at the lagoon of Lefkada | Photograph by Xenophontas Mikronis

Birdwatching is not widely known, but this is why Go Lefkas is here, to inform you about the things that not so many people know.

The lagoon and the rest of the wetlands of the island are migratory stations in this time of year for the birds that are resting during their long trip to the south. However, the wetlands are also hosting several species that spend the winter on the island.

The nature lovers can admire, observe and photograph various species of birds, such as swans, cormorants, coots, herons or storks, European shags, glossy ibises, Eurasian marsh harriers, shelducks, mallards and pelicans.

The main habitats are the two lagoons of the city of Lefkada, at the northernmost part of the island, but you can find big flocks of birds at every wetland of the island, like the gulf of Vlyhos, the small natural lake of Marantohori, the old Salt Pans of Karyotes and other locations of the island.

Sports and other events


Mountain-run on the mountain of Skari

If you are a sports enthusiast, you can enjoy a variety of activities and sport events in autumn in Lefkada, on the mountain, at the sea and within the city.

  • Open sea races and sailing on the eastern coasts of the island and among the beautiful small islets.
  • Track-and-field events and tennis tournaments in the city of Lefkada.
  • Mountain race on Mount Skari (Lefkas Trail Running).
  • Mountaineering and Trekking excursions on the island’s paths.
  • Tours and environmental walks organised by the cultural clubs of the villages.

National Day of the 28th of October


Parade on the 28th of October in Lefkada

Guests have the opportunity to attend the celebrations of the “Anniversary of No”, Greece’s Opposition against the Axis Forces during the WWII.

You can follow the paths of history and organise an excursion to the town and the villages of Lefkada in order to visit the beautiful memorials that are small pieces of art. Then you can watch the parade and listen to the marches performed by the Philharmonic Society of Lefkada, the second oldest one of Greece. Finally, you can enjoy wandering around the small streets of the town, along with the rest of the locals and the visitors that celebrate the National Day, or visit the villages for coffee and food.

Cultural and other walks


The church of Pantokrator at the central pedestrian street of Lefkada

The quietness of autumn on the island is an inspiration and excuse for a series of cultural events that take place mainly in the city of the island.

Therefore, you can attend book presentations by Lefkadian or other authors at the beautiful places of the Public Library and the Cultural Centre of Lefkada.

You can enjoy music events concerning a variety of genres not only at the event halls of the cultural clubs and the Municipality but also in bars, cafés and taverns.

You can also:

  • Take a tour in art by visiting exhibitions of painting or photography and creative visual arts workshops.
  • Attend lectures, seminars, workshops and conference according to your interests.
  • Participate in interesting discussions and literature or photography meetings.
  • Be a part of voluntary activities to clean public spaces and other collective events.
  • Visit the historical, cultural and folklore museums of the island, the beautiful churches and the monasteries.

Finally, you should mingle with the hospitable people of the island, let them introduce you to their everyday life and get to know the secrets of a wonderful island with the help of those who enjoy them day by day.

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