Welcome to Go Lefkas! The ultimate tourist and business guide of Lefkada. Our prime target is to offer you through the internet the full valid information that you need to know about the island. Not just the things that most people know, but also the things that amaze those lucky few. Study our guide before you visit Lefkada, so that you can have a full overview of the island and the things that it has to offer.

Consult our guide during your visit, so that you can stay informed about everything noteworthy that is happening but also about important information that could prove useful, exactly at the moment that you need it.

Keep visiting our guide after the end of your trip to notice the things that you did not have the time to see, the things that you will get to see the next time you visit our beautiful island. Because you are going to fall in love with it and you will count the hours until you cross the bridge once more and feel the magic touch of Lefkada. Welcome to Lefkada!

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